Celebrating Service Through Gratitude

Posted by Emily Goggin on Apr 18, 2023 4:14:13 PM

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week! We’re embracing this week as the perfect opportunity to thank YOU and to reflect on the impact our BI Volunteer Network has helped us generate in 2022 and beyond! Your participation and contributions of have helped to further the mission of the social impact organizations we proudly partner with. In just one year, our BI Volunteer Network’s generosity in time, energy, talents and resources, helped us achieve:

$2.7 million dollars in total contributions, an increase of 30% from 2021
164,000 lives impacted
350 communities touched
972,000 in donated goods

We are humbled by the knowledge that these impressive results are not possible without the commitment and passion of our more than 16,000 volunteers.

With the essential support of our volunteers, we impacted over 164,000 lives in 2022, but what does it actually mean to impact a life? At its simplest definition, “lives impacted” quantifies the people who were touched by our programming, whether they received a volunteer-created kit, accepted a donation or meal, visited a revitalized community area, or participated in a skills-based program. What isn't captured by this metric, though, is the depth this of impact.

While numbers are valuable, they are only a part of the story. What we can't capture through data and impact metrics can still be beautifully expressed through the testimonials of our nonprofit partners. We’ve included below some of our favorite words of thanks from the last year in hopes of illuminating the deep positive impact our volunteers are making on individuals and families in our community. Whether you helped impact one life or hundreds of lives, your contributions were incalculably valuable. Thank you!!!

"We are so grateful that Building Impact volunteers understand providing access to basic necessities is often the first step at restoring and maintaining dignity for women facing poverty and homelessness. Fulfilling this basic need then opens us up to work on long-term issues like housing, fleeing domestic violence, economic empowerment, health care, and more. We are honored to work with you and receive your support." -Rachel Klein, Women's Lunch Place

"Our members and staff are thankful and appreciative of the STEAM kits and supplies that were provided to the Orchard Gardens Club. This Kit helped further our goals to provide enriching activities, that are both fun and educational. Thank you again for your generosity to our community." -Russell Lamberti, Boys and Girls Club of Orchard Gardens

"We appreciate all the volunteers who donated to the Building Impact Summer Hunger Drive. Food insecurity increased massively as a result of the pandemic, and there is much to be done. Our programs address not only short-term hunger, but also the long-term health effects of food insecurity and poor nutrition, while reducing food waste. Thank you for supporting our good work." -Marena Burnett, Food For Free

It's not too late to celebrate #NationalVolunteerWeek! Join us in making a difference by planning a project to engage your team, click here to get involved.

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