Nonprofit representatives from Cambridge Community Center hold up Bare Necessities Bundles containing hygiene products and other essentials.

We Want to Support Your Mission

Our projects are co-designed based on the needs of your organization.

We support our nonprofit partners  from across the country in addressing urgent needs in 3 areas:

  • Gaps/needs in materials and service
  • Efficacy for achieving your mission
  • Awareness, reach, and financial support

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Our Approach to Co-Designing Volunteer Projects


We listen to our nonprofit partners and make sure that we are directly addressing your needs from your wishlist and capacity building.


We collaborate with nonprofits to design unique virtual, hybrid and in-person volunteer projects that help further your mission


We measure the impact of all our programs. Success is not only filling needs from your wishlist but creating meaningful connections with corporate volunteers to become donors and engaged community members.


Building Impact Partnership Pathway

= YOU       = Building Impact

Need identification

Step 1: Need Identification

Do you have a wishlist? Tell us what your clients need or where you could use volunteer help.

Project Execution

Step 2: Project Execution

We select & engage a corporate partner in a volunteer project.


Step 3: Delivery

We send you your wishlist items,  preassembled by Building Impact or as individual goods to distribute to clients.


Photos and Testimonials

Step 4: Photos and Testimonials

You fill out our survey & attach photos of your delivered goods (ideally with your logo in the picture and/or with a beneficiary).

Thanking Our Partners

Step 5: Thanking Our Partners

We thank the corporate partner using your testimonials & pictures and include link back to your website to encourage donations directly to your organization.