Who We Are

Building Impact is a nonprofit organization transforming corporate volunteering.

We partner with civic leaders, business leaders, and nonprofit leaders in addressing complex social issues through volunteering.

How We Do It
Sample of an Art Therapy Kit with fabric markers, a t-shirt to decorate, and watercolor supplies.

Listen to Nonprofit Needs

Nonprofit leaders at a local youth focused program posing with art therapy kits.

 Co-Design Projects

A wall of artwork made by youth attending a local nonprofit's program. This artwork was made using supplies from Building Impact Art Therapy Kits.

Measure Project Outcomes

Our Method

Start Local

Local Volunteering offers individuals and groups the opportunities to strengthen their communities. 

Serve with Buildings and Teams

We work with Building and Corporate Teams to strengthen the community and foster a community-oriented co-working space. Teams are challenged to focus on and discuss critical social issues each month of the year.

Measure Impact

We measure the impact of all our programs, projects, and Days of Service so that our clients and nonprofit community partners can view the value that they are adding in their local communities.

Our Network

Over 20,000 Volunteers

500 National Companies

and 60 Building Partners

...who volunteer, donate, and connect to effect positive social change.

They Don't Just Give Back... They Build Impact. 



Our Origins


Building Impact began as "Community Connection," a tenant appreciation program with Paradigm Properties.


Community Connect grows to become Building Impact, an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization, founded collectively by four CRE Founding Partners.


Building Impact creates opportunities for companies to plan Days of Service with local nonprofits.


Building Impact partners with MIT to launch the Leading With Impact Program. Leading with Impact invests in capability-building for nonprofits in Boston.


Building Impact partners with 62 buildings, reaches 500 companies and engages 20,000 people in community service within Greater Boston. 


Today, Building Impact pioneers Virtual Volunteering opportunities across the U.S. Offerings include "Create a Kit," Skills Based Volunteering, and Donation Drives.

Our Founding Partners

Building Impact was founded by Commercial Real Estate companies who recognized that
providing opportunities to give back to the community would strengthen the community in the building and beyond.

Our Real Estate Partners