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Whether you're gathering 300 employees at a conference center or bringing together your team at your office, there's an opportunity to make a large, collective impact in your community. We offer three ways you can bring hands-on volunteering to your meeting: Facilitated Conferences, Pop Up Events, and At Your Office Volunteering.

Over the course of the pandemic, our programs have evolved to generate a lower carbon footprint and a higher impact in every project. At a time of rising costs and restricted funding, these programs are filling a critical need for our community partners. Whether it's ERG led or planned with your team, Building Impact can offer projects that resonate with your volunteers.

If your event allows for a virtual session, click here to see other ways you can engage your volunteers.

Our Offerings

In a conference room, volunteers come together to participate in a project.
Building Impact Team member guides a conversation with a Nonprofit Leader on stage at a conference.
Conference attendees customizing tote bags to be included with their volunteer project.
Conference attendee reading a Note of Uplift that she wrote.
Building Impact team members facilitating volunteering on stage at a conference.
Table of conference attendees show off the tote bags they customized during the volunteer project.

Facilitated Conferences

Include a volunteer opportunity at your conference! Building Impact team members will join to facilitate the event, leading a discussion on the benefitting nonprofit and the social issue are they are working to solve. Get your attendees involved in team building and hands-on volunteering activities. 

Facilitated conferences typically run for an hour.

Building Impact team members run a pop up volunteer booth at a conference.
Volunteers Write Notes of Uplift at Pop Up Event
Building Impact team member running a pop up booth at a conference.

Pop Up Event

Looking to keep your meeting attendees engaged during session breaks? Building Impact will set up a pop-up volunteer station. It only takes 10 minutes for an attendee to engage with a BI team member, learn about the benefitting community organization, and volunteer!

Volunteers at their office hold up the volunteer project they customized.
Building Impact team member facilitates a volunteer session at a team's office.
Volunteers participating in a team building activity together.
Volunteers writing notes of uplift to the recipients of their volunteer project.
Group of volunteers hold up their customized volunteer projects at their office.
Volunteers participate during an at-office event.

At Your Office

If you're planning on gathering your team at your office, include a volunteer event to help everyone reconnect after a time of distance. Engage both in-person and remote employees with a volunteer event that gives everyone the opportunity to get involved. 

Project Menu

Our projects are seasonally based on nonprofit needs. This menu reflects the current requests from our community partners.

Engineering Exploration Program-1

Engineering Exploration

Provide an accessible and fun way for youth to engage in STEM activities. This opportunity will bring Math and Engineering concepts to life through hands-on learning while helping to build youths' interest and confidence in STEM!

Sleep Snug Set-1

Sleep Snug Sets

Help promote sleep and health equity for local families. Provide essentials like comfortable, clean bedding and linens, to help improve mental, physical, and emotional health outcomes for youth and families.

Hoop Like A Girl Starter Kit-1

Hoop Like A Girl

Help bridge opportunity gaps for young women and girls from underserved communities with the power of basketball! Equip young female athletes with the necessary essentials to participate in local basketball programs and to shoot for the stars on and off the court.

Heroic Family Wellness Bundle-1

Heroic Family Wellness Program

Support visiting military families who have traveled with their loved ones receiving medical treatment locally. Provide bonding activities and comforts to help families prioritize their well-being during this challenging time and create a home away from home.