Engage Remote and In-Person Employees in Volunteering

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Hybrid volunteer events are ideal for engaging team members in multiple locations. These events move away from complex event planning to resource-rich projects for the nonprofit organizations we serve.

Additionally, they lower the carbon footprint of volunteering and dedicate a greater portion of the investment to the kits delivered, increasing the overall impact of the program.

The created kits meet the direct needs of the nonprofit and offers organizations an engaging experience that unites teams for a common cause. 

Volunteers writing notes of uplift at a Hybrid Volunteer Project.

Volunteers Writing Notes of Uplift

Group of military members holding up an American flag.

Welcome Bags for Veterans

Assemble Welcome Backpacks for a Veteran to receive upon their arrival at an intensive care program. These backpacks contain essentials that will support our nation's heroes as they begin their journey towards healing their invisible wounds.

Two medical professionals at a pop up medical station.

Medical Care Kits

Assemble Care Kits to help provide first aid and self care essentials for individuals and families living in remote areas with limited access to healthcare resources.

Group of Hybrid Volunteers
Hybrid event set up in a building lobby
Hybrid event at an office

How Does It Work?

With Hybrid Volunteering, companies can host an event that engages all team members, including those present in-person and remotely. Everyone has the opportunity to be engaged with a local organization.

Building Impact co-designs the projects to meet local community needs, utilizing a technology platform to support the delivery capabilities and inventory capacity of each local community organization.

When you schedule a Hybrid Volunteering event, your volunteers will learn about the local nonprofit organization together, engage with a sample kit, and then use the Building Impact platform to assemble and design their own. All volunteers write notes of uplift to connect with the individuals supported by the project.

Building Impact staff facilitating at a Hybrid Volunteering