Our Origins


Building Impact began as "Community Connection", as a tenant appreciation program with Paradigm Properties


Community Connect grows to become Building Impact, an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization, founded collectively by four CRE Founding Partners


Building Impact creates opportunities for companies to plan Days of Service with local nonprofits


Building Impact partners with MIT to launch the Leading With Impact Program, to invest in capability-building for nonprofits in Boston


Building Impact partners with 62 buildings, reaching 500 companies and 20,000 people in Greater Boston in community service


Today, Building Impact pioneers Virtual Volunteering opportunities across the U.S. Offerings include "Create a Kit", Skillbase Volunteering, and Donation Drives.

Our Founding Partners

Building Impact was founded by Commercial Real Estate companies who recognized that providing opportunities to “give back” to the community would strengthen the community in the building and beyond.

Real Estate Partners

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