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Volunteer Leadership as an Impact Fellow

Don't just give back.
Build Impact.

A 5 Week Course for
in Volunteering

Join Us September 29th - October 27th 


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Professional Development Through Volunteering - 

  • Inspire Your Organization

  • Engage Your Colleagues in Social Impact

  • Measure the Impact

The Impact Fellows Program is a five-week professional development course for socially-minded professionals to build impact through team-based volunteering. 

The course offers a certification in volunteer project management and culminates in a skills-based volunteering project when you can put the volunteer management training into action.



Read our blog posts to learn more about the First Cohort of the Impact Fellows 2019: 

Launching the Impact Fellows Program          Impact Fellows Re-Shaping Volunteering

Gain Skills

  • Project Management
  • Volunteer Recruitment 
  • Securing Leadership Support
  • Communicating Impact
  • Board Membership  

Engage in topics

  • Understanding nonprofit priorities 
  • Volunteering for Impact
  • Intersection of Issue Areas
  • Best Practices in Leading Volunteers
  • Measuring Outcomes  

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