Building Impact Ambassadors

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Build Community Through Volunteering

Volunteer Projects need Project Leaders - we call them Building Impact Ambassadors! 

Ambassadors are socially-minded professionals who rally their teams and their companies to donate or volunteer to strengthen the community. As a member of the Building Impact network, YOU have the opportunity to lead your team in making an impact.

Ambassadors can host any of these volunteering events:

  • Virtual Donation Drives - a two-week drive to fill a critical need in the community
  • Live Remote Volunteering - a project for your team over lunch or happy hour 
  • Create a Kit - a fun way to involve your team in 15-min micro-volunteering at a company event
  • Corporate Virtual or Hybruid Days of Service - serving a local community organization outside of the office as a team
  • One-Off Donations - finding a nonprofit organization for your recycled office supplies, laptops, etc

Our projects are all based on local needs in the community across a range of social causes. 

To Become an Ambassador for your Company -- or to Build an Ambassador Program for your Teams...

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