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Help a Family in Need: Donate a Gift Card

FamilyAid Boston, which runs multiple local shelters, has been working around the clock to distribute emergency supplies of toilet paper, diapers, and pantry staples to about 300 families who are either on the verge of being homeless, are currently homeless, or have just moved out of a shelter. Caseworkers are calling families every day. But the collective need is overwhelming.

Why Gift Cards? 
Most of these families do not have access to large grocery stores, nor to Amazon. Local neighborhood shops/bodegas are their source for the basic necessities and food they need.   We have set up a family2family Visa Gift Card program - you can donate in $25, $50 or $100 increments, These gift cards will not only go a long way in assuring that these families can acquire the resources that they need, but they will also play a part in supporting local small businesses.

To protect the privacy of the individual recipients please enter 'FamilyAid with {Your Company’s Name}' for Recipient Name and 'volunteer@buildingimpact.org' for Recipient Email.

*Please enter just 'FamilyAid Boston' if you are not affiliated with a company

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100% of your donation will go directly to a gift card for families.

The families supported by FamilyAid come in many shapes and sizes. Each have their own unique challenges and have been significantly affected by the current pandemic. Watch Zoe Greenberg's video interview of a FamilyAid Boston sheltered family to hear their optimism and the harsh economic hardship that is facing all of our neighbors in need.

Below are examples of two different families and how responses and mandates due to COVID-19 have put a strain on their already limited resources.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 5.35.29 PMKarla and her newborn

In January Karla had fled from domestic violence with her newborn daughter to one of FamilyAid’s shelters in Medford. Since the outbreak of COVID19 Karla and her baby daughter have been forced to spend their days in self-isolation in their bedroom since the other areas in the Shelter are common spaces for other families also experiencing homelessness.

To make matters more complicated, Karla’s baby daughter has gastrointestinal issues and an umbilical hernia. She is having trouble sleeping and is in discomfort during the day. With the rise of COVID19 all her baby’s doctors appointments keep getting pushed back.

Help Karla and her baby by providing a Visa Gift card to cover essentials they need, so Karla can focus on keeping her baby healthy and their future ahead.

Erin and Her 3 Year-Old

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 5.35.48 PM-1Erin also fled from an emotionally abusive relationship to make it to one of FamilyAid’s shelters. Upon arrival, she immediately registered at a technical school to study medical office administration. She'd also secured a voucher and enrolled her 3-year-old son in preschool.

Her life was moving in a positive direction. However, with the onset of COVID-19 her son is no longer attending preschool, and her food stamps are stretched too thin to make up for both of their daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks that her son would usually receive in school.

Erin also doesn’t own a laptop and since her classes have migrated online, her only option is to write out her assignments by hand, photograph her work and then e-mail the images to her instructor. Erin is one of many, who were working and have been laid off, adding to her burdens of being home all day with her son and trying to keep up with her schoolwork.

Help ease the burden for Erin and her son during these challenging times by providing them with a Visa gift card that they can use to purchase food and other basic essentials.


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Instructions to Donate

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*Minimum Amount: $25


Step 3: To protect the privacy of the individual recipients please enter 'FamilyAid with {Company Name}' *for Recipient Name and 'volunteer@buildingimpact.org' for Recipient Email.

*Please enter just 'FamilyAid Boston' if you are not affiliated with a company.

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Step 4: Enter Your Name and Email

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Step 5: Enter a Personal Message to the Family that Will Be Receiving Your Gift Card and Then Click Continue

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